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  • The problem of life is direction – not getting on the right path. That’s the problem with a lot of people. Praying in the Holy Ghost makes us spiritually aware and positions us to see farther than we would ordinarily see. In this vantage position, we are able to navigate our way out of the pits of life and gain clearer perspective towards the right path. This mini-book is written to turn on the switch that is guaranteed to bring mind-blowing results to your life! You will read

    about: – The All Important Spiritual Exercise – Gaining Foresight Over Issues – Coming Out of the Pits of Life

    Dr Chidi Igwagu Mind Blowing Results Through Praying in Tongues

  • The license to approach the communion table “as often as you can” presents every believer the opportunity to celebrate victory over sickness, poverty, weakness and distress. Tapping into the Power of Communion is an invitation into the enormous power that God has put at the disposal of all who come to Him through His son Jesus Christ. Chapter titles include: – An Ever Present Spiritual Rite – You are Qualified to Partake – Taking advantage of Communion – Do Something With

    What You Know!

    Dr Chidi Igwagu Tapping Into The Power Of Communion

  • The primary reason God made humans is so they can interact and fellowship with Him like friends. To achieve this, God made man in the same class with Himself and God and man enjoyed sweet friendship until sin brought a separation.
    This book, You and Your Heavenly Father, removes the veil through which many believers see their Heavenly Father. It will teach you how to harness your relationship with the Father and plead the different cases of your life before

    You will learn:

    • How to harness your relationship with God.
    • How to reason together with God.
    • How to cultivate a habit of fellowship.
    • How to plead your case with the Father.

    Dr Chidi Igwagu You and Your Heavenly Father