That whats wonderful about LoL

He cited a “new” Missile Defense Agency logo as evidence, suggesting that the design appeared to be a combination of Obama’s campaign symbol and the Islamic crescent and star. He later correctedthat post, acknowledging that the logo was neither new nor produced under Obama’s direction. (Below, see the older logo on the left, which the Missile Defense Agency still uses, and the newer logo on the right.).

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Here some unsolicited gyan for Richa, jisne jaan le rakhi hai. Remember that the definition of love got written ages before human beings learned to even spell technology. Focus on trust, and nothing else. Since Celtic tribes were loosely tied together by language, that leaves the Belgae out as far as the Celtic world. The Germanic world extended only as far south as the north side of the Rhine River. South of the river belonged to the Belgae.

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