The incident occurred on the 4200 block of Pennsgrove Street

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Canada Goose Online Claiming that the dog had bitten him on the ankle the Officer fired his gun four times leading to the death of the dog. The atrocity is that the Officers were at the wrong residence. The incident occurred on the 4200 block of Pennsgrove Street. The goal of family preservation is to preserve the family unit by utilizing family focused and community based services which help families develop effective coping strategies for stress or other issues that seem to interfere with their ability to ensure their child’s safety and well being. Family preservation provides a multitude of resources and caters to each individual family’s specific needs. This can include support and education programs for parents, child and family screening and treatment, childcare opportunities, life skills training for children and young adults, and self help groups and other community support systems (Horchak Andino, 2003) Canada Goose Online.

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