Church Departments

Home to children between the ages of 0 – 16years, this church ministry boasts well trained instructors and child minders that equip their young congregation with godly values and social skills to give them a head start in life.

The classrooms are well laid out, reducing the risk of accidents, while lessons are highly interactive and tailored to the cognitive level of each age group. Class activities include bible reading, role playing, recitations, singing, rhymes and crafts.

Whenever you attend any of our services, the first smiling person that welcomes you at the door will likely be an usher. Always cheery and smart, this department creates a warm ambience for the congregation to enjoy fellowship. The ushering department is also responsible for supervising seating arrangements, maintaining order during services, distributing materials and coordinating the collection of tithes and offerings. The ushers routinely take weekly attendance records.

Fondly referred to as the “Powerhouse,” this department provides technical support to the other arms of the ministry. It ensures the supply of power, lighting, audio as well as routine maintenance of all ministry equipment. 

The media department manages church communications. It produces the TV programme, Timeless Wisdom, currently broadcast on both terrestrial and cable TV. Other departmental activities include publicity, book publishing and management of the church website. 

Nicknamed “The Honeycomb Choir,” the music ministry is an integral part of the church worship. Every Sunday and during other church programmes, these dedicated singers and instrumentalists lead the congregation in soulful praise and worship to God, as well as special music ministrations.   

The janitors maintain the church environment. They tend to the building and facilities, and take care of the premises as well. 

Joining a new church can be a stressful experience for a lot of people. The Follow-up team provides the warm, nurturing atmosphere for new members to seamlessly integrate into the church family and also get acquainted with the ministry vision. Members have a keen interest in the welfare of others and actively organize group integration activities that help new members settle in in no time.